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  • We will build and publish app for you on Google Play Store
  • Our Team will customized it as per your requirements every week
  • You focus on your business not on technical issues
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  • Yes- It's reliable and affordable for all
We Create Awesome Apps. Want to Create One ?

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The news feature enables you to create a sharing place on your app. In this feature you will be able to integrate an interactive news wall in which you can share post with pictures and users' comments.


This discount page enables you to create promotional offers for the attention of your clients. In this one, you can create one or several offers that can have an ending date, that can be unlimited or used only once.

Catalog/Product Page

This product page enables you to create categories and products. You can create main categories and subcategories with products inside or outside any subcategories.

Loyalty Page

You can choose the number of points you want to validate and the reward when the points will be validated.You validate the points of the card thanks to a 4-digit password.

Calendar/FB Integration

. Thus you can share your Facebook events, iCal and Google Agenda quickly and easily on your app.

Custom Page

The custom page is the most flexible page of the platform. It enables you to write what you want, with photo gallery and videos. In addition, you can create as many custom pages as you want.

RSS Feed Page

This RSS feed page allows you to generate content and news on your application without having to publish directly on it.


Gallery page enables you to share pictures/videos which make the life of your business.

Contact/Booking Form

Build great contact pages, with a cover image, description, one-touch-call, geolocation button opening map, a contact form, different webviews with your website, your Facebook page, and your Twitter account. The fields you'll let empty won't appear in your app.

Push Notifications

You can send push notifications to all your users, or you can send geolocated notifications to reach users on a specific area.

Integrated External Links

As soon as the user will click on this link, he will be redirected to the page you chose. You can create as many pages as you want


Complete Shopping Cart experience for your mobile visitors.Track orders and much more.

We Create Awesome Apps. Want to Create One ?

How it works

  1. You submit your Idea/Project with clear requirements and features
  2. Our team will approve the project with tentative timeline
  3. Once aprroved you have to pay one time setup fee
  4. Sit back and watch your project progress via regular email updates
We Create Awesome Apps. Want to Create One ?

Frequently Asked Questions

I have custom requirements with so many features,can you do it and what will be the charges?

We will approve your requiremnets based on feasiblity and challenges.Once approved we will be doing it for Free after one time setup cost of Rs. 999/- Only.

Is there any other charges?

You have to pay Rs 999/per year as Annual Maintenance charges and We place one ad on footer section of every page so if you want to remove that also you will be charged based on no of visitors/visits.See Pricing section

What if I want source code of my app?

No- We won't give source code of any app we develope.We are working as SAAS model.We are not charging anything for development/requiremnets,we are charging for platform and hosting etc.

There are so many online tools to create mobile apps,How are you different from others?

We are different becuase we are offering managed/custom app solutions.Our team will do whatever you need to make sure your app is successful.

Can I get an access to modify/control common things like news/product info etc?

Yes for most of the feature you as admin will be able to controll everything from our simple to use App dashboard.

Can I get my customer data whenever we want?

Yes - We can give your customers data as per your need.We are building an automated tool to export everything.

We are happy to create app on your customized requirements

We Create Awesome Apps. Want to Create One ?

Pricing - INR 999/ year ONLY + INR 999 One time setup cost

+ No Additional Cost - with ad supported apps OR + INR 1000/month - for each 6k visits per month if you want to remove ads

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